The University of Crete is located in two of the biggest Municipalities of Crete Island.

In Municipality of Rethymnon, in Gallos district and in Municipality of Heraklion, in Voutes district.


At University Campus in Rethymnon are located the following Departments:

  • Faculty of Philosophy (Department of Philology, Department of History-Archaeology, Department of Philosophical and Social Studies)
  • Faculty of Education (Department of Primary Education, Department of Preschool Education)
  • Faculty of Social, Economic and Political Sciences (Department of Sociology, Department of Economics, Department of Political Science, Department of Psychology)

At University Campus in Heraklion are located the following Departments:

  • Faculty of Sciences and Engineering (Department of Mathematics, Department of Physics, Department of Computer Science, Department of Biology, Department of Chemistry, Department of Applied Mathematics, Department of Materials Science and Technology)
  • School of Health Science (Faculty of Medicine)