Erasmus incoming personnel experience

Prof. Ridvana Mediu, staff mobility 171

In May 15-19, 2023, we conducted a visit to the University of Crete together with my colleague Prof. Asc Alma Barbullushi, in the framework of the Erasmus + exchange and partnership program between Logos University College (Tirana Albania) and UoC.

During this fruitful week, several important meetings were held with the Heads of the Departments of Biochemistry Professor Tsatsanis and Hematology Professor Irene Papadaki, Mrs Tonia Tzanaki, as well as with representatives of the UoC Erasmus+ office Mrs. Stella Melina Vasillaki. We visited the medical school and the University Hospital where we got to know the biochemical and clinical laboratories closely. We also had an important visit to the medical museum at the university.

Receiving department: School of Medicine

-- Prof. Ridvana Mediu, Fac. of Applied Sciences, Head of Dept. of Medical Sciences in Logos University College

Prof. Ridvana Mediu and Prof. Alma Barbullushi from Logos University of Tirana in Voutes Campus Heraklion

Xinye Li, staff mobility KA 171

Participating in the Erasmus International Program 171 has been an immensely rewarding experience on both academic and personal fronts. One of the highlights of the program was the valuable opportunity to engage in in-depth discussions with colleagues from University of Crete. These interactions provided a stimulating environment for exchanging ideas, sharing experiences, and exploring different perspectives on various academic topics. The collaborative problem-solving sessions greatly expanded my intellectual horizons and solidified the importance of global academic discourse. The program also facilitated my participation in a workshop, where I had the privilege to interact with experts from around the world and present my own research. Overall, the program's emphasis on interactive engagement and academic exchange significantly contributed to my personal and scholarly growth.

Beyond the academic sphere, the program also provided me with unforgettable moments of exploration and cultural immersion on the captivating Crete Island. The picturesque landscapes, from the breathtaking coastline to the charming hills, offered a unique backdrop for both leisure and reflection. Exploring historic sites, such as the ancient ruins and museums, provided insights into the rich history and heritage of Crete. Furthermore, sampling traditional Cretan dishes, rich in flavors and locally sourced ingredients, was a journey in itself. Collectively, these experiences from this program have undoubtedly shaped my academic and personal journey in profound ways, leaving an indelible mark on my life.

Receiving Department: Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, University of Crete

-- Xinye Li, Central South University of China

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Pranaba Kishor Muduli, staff mobility KA 171

I visited the Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics of the University of Crete as a part of the Erasmus program from the 10th to the 17th of June 2023. The visit was in connection with a staff mobility training activity under the inter-institutional agreement in the framework of the Erasmus+ program. During the visit, Prof. Stavros Komineas hosted me in his laboratory. I used the opportunity to discuss our collaborative work on magnetic skyrmions, which are topological micromagnetic structures. In the past, our collaboration has produced two research papers. During the visit, we discussed the future direction of our collaboration and we discussed how to train the student, Sushil, who also visited Prof. Stavros Komineas during the same period (June-July 2023). 

I also used the opportunity to visit other laboratories at the University of Crete. I gave a talk at the Department of Materials Science and Technology of the University of Crete. I had excellent discussions with various groups in the Department of Materials Science. I also met Prof. Stelios Tzortzakis at the Institute of Electronic Structure and Laser, Foundation for Research and Technology, and discussed several possible collaborations in the THz spintronics area. The visit also allowed me to learn about Heraklion and Greece in general. I would like to sincerely thank Prof. Stavros Komineas for hosting me. It was a great experience for me. I want to thank Antonia Tzanaki for her consistent help with the paperwork for the visit. Finally, I thank the Erasmus program for the financial support.

-- Pranaba Kishor Muduli, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi

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ErasmusKA103 Incoming staff (STA)
Department of Political Science
Rethymno University Campus, 08-12.05.2023
Orban Endre 
University of Public Service, Hungary
 Photo1 Endre  

'It was a great experience to spend my latest Erasmus mobility grant in Rethymno at the University of Crete. I received a warm welcome from the local Erasmus coordinators, and I felt very lucky to have the possibility to spend such lovely spring days in Crete, which has a charmingly varied topography and many cute kri-kris (Cretan goats) in the mountains.

Before my departure, I contacted Professor Constantine Manasakis, who informed me about the faculty’s curriculum. At his request, I carried out specific research on sustainability, which had been on the periphery of my research agenda so far. Thus, I carried out a comparative analysis of the steps taken by Hungary and Greece to implement the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Also, considering the interdisciplinary possibilities, I presented my COVID research on Romania and Hungary, carried out with a lecturer from Sapientia University, concerning the first wave of the pandemic.

It was a great experience to see the enthusiasm with which the students within the walls of the University practice democracy, as during my stay there, there were elections of the Student Union which resulted in tremendous activity and vitality on the campus. Besides, I was also very impressed with the library, where students can immerse themselves in their reading by turning towards the endless sea horizon'.


Erasmus+ KA 103, Incoming STA   

Dept. of Philosophy and Social Studies,

University Campus of Rethymno, 22-26.05.2023

Anna Jozefowicz

Faculty of Education, University of Bialystok, Poland 

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I am very pleased with the opportunity to come to the University of Crete.

Prof. C. Balla was very helpful in organizing the classes. Communication with her by e-mail was quick, efficient and very substantive.

Lectures in the class of prof. Stamatopoulou were a pleasure, students were clearly interested in my workshop and lecture. They took an active part. We were discussing most about picture books as an artistic books in education.

A small group of students (about 12 people) was conducive to good communication and cooperation. I invited students to come to my native University in Bialystok.

The Rethymno Campus itself is very highly rated in terms of location - a picturesque terrace, lecture halls well equipped with projectors, comfortable chairs.

I would love to come back in two years, I rate my stay at University of Crete very highly, I will share my impressions with my students and lecturers. I will encourage them to come here.

Also contact with you -Julia, was very efficient, fast, which is very helpful and important.

Thank you for your support and all help.




International Credit Mobility (ICM), KA107 2020-2023

Department of Preschool Education, University of Crete

Incoming staff for training (STT)

Rethymno University Campus (Gallos)

Aleksander Boboli as/lecturer

Department of Greek Language, Literature and Civilization 

University of Gjirokastra

21-26 May, 2023


From 21 to 26 of May 2023 I did an Erasmus staff training at the university of Crete in Rethymnon.

I would like to thank all my colleagues from the hosting university for making our visit in their beautiful town so unforgettable. 

All training sessions, seminars and discussions were excellently organized and I appreciated the fact that they were all so committed to cross-departmental collaboration. It was a pleasure to attend all the lecture presentations from both universities. 

In my experience, this program has resulted in the best of the outcomes. 

Apart from the university schedule, we had the opportunity to visit many touristic sites such as Knossos, libraries and museums, which were all beyond expectations. 

Thank you once again for taking the time to accompany us everywhere and for being such great hosts! 

I look forward to meeting you all again in future programs. 

Visit of the staff of the University of Wrocław, Poland, 26-30/09/2022

From the 26th to 30th of September 2022, administrative employees of the University of Wrocław: Sławomir Czerwiński, Łukasz Kasprzak (Institute of Geography and Regional Development) and Mirosław Osowski (University Library) were participated in a training trip at the Central Library of the University of Crete in Rethymno, organized as part of the Erasmus program.

During this period we met with Head Librarian – Dr. Manolis Koukourakis and colleagues working in various departments of the Library. We had the opportunity to learn about the specificity of work in individual units and exchange experiences during the training. We also visited UoC Rethymno Campus and Rethymno city, getting acquainted with its culture, monuments and local customs. We also met with the staff of the International Relations Office, sharing with them our good impressions from the stay at the University of Crete.
We would like to thank the Director Dr. Manolis Koukourakis, Mrs. Sofia Koutoukaki, Mrs. Menia Zouni and all other library staff involved in our training, for organizing our stay in your Library. We are very grateful that we had the opportunity to visit your University.
Σας ευχαριστούμε πολύ! :)
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International Credit Mobility (ICM), KA107 2019-2022
Teaching –Department of Philosophy and Social Studies
Gabriele Cornelli, Coordinator, Universidade de Brasília (4-8 July, 2022)

«…During my stay at the Rethymno Campus I had the chance to organize meeting with two graduate students: Eirini Drakou and Pablo A. de la Fuente. I also had the privilege to receive Prof. Balla in the University of Brasilia last June and had a few business meeting with her, in order to plan our future cooperation on Socratic and Platonic fields. More precisely, we were planning new meetings and possibly a new Erasmus project in order to consolidate our cooperation in the immediate future. Prof. Balla delivered a Seminar at the University of Brasilia Archai UNESCO Chair, with a spectacular attendance from our undergraduate and graduate students. The cooperation project has greatly strengthened the already consolidated internationalvocation of the UNESCO Archai Chair of the University of Brasilia and contributed to open new horizons of cooperation with Greece and, in a particular way, with the University of Crete.

I should finally express my deepest gratitude to Mrs. Thymiatzi and her International Office team at the University of Crete for her continuous support during the project. »