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VOUToPIA Fest: Cultural Activities in Voutes Campus, Heraklion

VOUToPIA Fest: Cultural Activities in Voutes Campus, Heraklion

VOUToPIA festival presents a series of cultural events organized by the student groups of the University of Crete in Heraklion at the last week of May 2023. All events take place at the outdoor spaces of the UoC Student Center. VOUToPIA Festival is free and open to all, reflecting the belief of its students that the university belongs to the whole society and should be open, accessible and inspiring.

Monday 22 May: "Vincent Moon's Live Cinema" - an improvisational performance with live image, sound, live editing, live film, and live video.

Thursday May 25, 20:30 // Drive-in Cinema – Spring Awakening (2015), a film by Konstantinos Giannaris 
Παρασκευή 26 
● TBA // Roots Reggae Selections (Vinyl set) 
● Hip-Hop Live with: SAIKO Smoka & DeadMic Stigma Black Spirit 
● Pre & After DJ Sets w/ Ouroboros Ofis, Feta Nagasaki Ben the Law Stef 
the Ref Vagelion

Saturday May 27, 20:00 // LIVE music: 
● Kooba Tercu - 
● Mellow Lizard - 
● The Booms - 
● Hemingways - 
Live performances and screenings are organized by the UoC radio station, the UoC Music Group and the UoC Cinema Group with the participatuon and support of other student groups and individuals active in the UoC student center.

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